Tips for buying used Rattan Furniture

When considering purchasing outdoor furniture, rattan garden furniture has increasingly become more popular due to its unique and stylish design. While it may be tempting to purchase brand-new furniture, it can quickly become an expensive endeavour. However, there is an attractive alternative: buying second-hand rattan garden furniture. Despite the attractive price tag of buying second-hand furniture, there are still a few risks to consider. The first risk is the age of the furniture itself. If

Benefits of Grey garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture has traditionally been available in 2 main colours, brown and black. Recently, a new colour has come to the market, starting to become one of the most popular choices. Grey rattan garden furniture is not one of the most popular choices for sofa sets, corner sofas, dining sets and many other garden furniture styles. Why is grey rattan garden furniture so popular? Although grey garden furniture is relatively new to the market,

Queens Jubilee Sale

In celebration of true British honour, we are proud to be able to offer 25% off ALL products in our range from Rattan Direct. This will automatically be applied through the checkout process. This is a very exciting tome and we couldn't let this prestigious event pass without being able to offer the British public a way of celebrating and enjoying what will be a very very exciting weekend in British history. [recent_products per_page="20" columns="4"

Which garden furniture style is best for me?

There are now so many different styles and brands of garden furniture that it can be hard to know which one is the best for your garden. Well, hopefully, we have some great information below to help you decide which will be your best choice. We are going to be looking at some great styles of garden furniture. Some might be a bit quirky, others just outright expensive, but at least we should be able

Choosing a Parasol

One of the main accessories for the garden during the summer is the garden parasol. A garden parasol has many functions from protecting you against the harmful UV rays of the sun to providing cool shade when the temperature starts to rise. There are numerous different types and styles of garden parasols no so we have put together a quick guide to hopefully help you decide which is best for your garden The main 3

Pre Order your Rattan Furniture

Now Is the best time to pre-order any rattan garden furniture that you will be needing for next year. You may be thinking ‘But it’s Christmas time, why order now?’, well, there are several reasons, and we will explain them all below. Now that summer is over and the cold wet weather has set in. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your rattan garden furniture. But if you are sensible,

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Garden Furniture

At some point that time will come again when you need to go out and choose some new garden furniture. There are now plenty of styles and designs, as well as materials and colours to choose from. This in turn can cause mistakes to be made when ordering your rattan furniture. Below are a few mistakes that hopefully, after reading this article you won't be making. The top of the list for mistakes is measuring.

How to buy rattan furniture online

For many of us over the past 18 months, it has been a case of either not being allowed into showrooms or simply not wanting to go so that we stay safe. This has meant a lot more sales have been done online. This is how it may stay for a while as well so we have put together a few tips for making sure you have everything covered when investing in your rattan garden

5 Best rattan furniture choices

Summertime means spending time outdoors with family and friends. You don’t need to go off to your local pub or try to find an outdoor venue to meet up when you have the perfect place to do it already – your garden! Everyone likes to relax and whether you are looking to do this with friends or on your own there is no better place than in your own garden. Having a BBQ and entertaining

7 reason why Rattan Furniture is the best choice

For many years now rattan furniture has been the ‘go-to’ furniture of choice for many households. With current trends, this seems like it will continue for many years yet. We have put together a top list of reasons why we believe that rattan furniture has remained at the top of the list for so long. 1 - Weatherproof design and build We are all aware of the weather in the UK. One day it's super-hot,

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