Looking at the Rattan Sofa Set

With Spring just around the corner (hopefully) we are all going to start looking at getting outside again and with this comes the need for rattan garden furniture, inparticular the rattan sofa set.

Rattan Outdoor Sofa Set

The most popular choice to date has been the rattan sofa set. There are numerous styles, colours and layouts that you can now choose from. We have 2 seater rattan sofa sets, 3 seater rattan sofa sets, rattan armchairs to match and also the rattan corner sofa set. All of these sets will usually come with a matching rattan coffee table. With the great selection of sizes and the modular formation, there is a rattan sofa set for any garden patio or balcony.

As with any rattan furniture, it’s not just about how it looks. Any rattan garden furniture that you buy has to be comfortable. If you are the type of person who is likely to be spending several hours outside entertaining then comfort should be a must! Our rattan sofa sets come complete with soft padded seat cushions and matching back cushions as standard. Sinking into your furniture and relaxing is what we aim to give with all our rattan furniture sets.

Take a good look at some of the details of each rattan sofa set. You may find that some come with extra scatter cushions. Some may have higher more supportive backs. We even have some rattan sofa sets that offer a reclining function for those of you who wish to just lay back and relax while enjoying the warm weather.

Modular Rattan Sofa Set

The Rattan sofa set gives great versatility to be able to move things around and fit in comfortably with your garden. The modular sofas can be set up to be as large or as small as you need. The lightweight structure of the rattan garden furniture also means that moving things around is easy ensuring that you create a relaxing outdoor space to share with friends and family.

Gig garden sofa with pillows
Woman reading a book on patio with rattan table, chair and sofa

As we have mentioned in previous articles, the beauty of rattan garden furniture is its ability to be virtually maintenance-free. All we recommend is that you keep it covered when not in use as this keep any leaves or animals off the furniture. We also suggest using a mild soapy water solution from time to time to keep the rattan looking clean and fresh. Use a soft bristle brush to remove anything that doesn’t wash right off.

For the maintenance of the cushions, we would recommend keeping these in a summerhouse or garage during the winter. Most covers will be machine washable to check the label to confirm how to wash them. Do not tumble dry as this may shrink the covers.

If the rattan furniture is looked after properly by following the guidelines given then it will last for many years to come. Your rattan sofa set of choice will remain part of your garden year after year.

Rattan sofa sets are definitely the less formal garden choice of furniture. As long as you are happy spending time entertaining and not formal dining then you will have chosen correctly. Dining with a rattan sofa set is not as easy as a dining table will be too high for the seating and a coffee table potentially too low. If you are looking for something more formal, then we would suggest a rattan dining set.

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