5 Best rattan furniture choices

Summertime means spending time outdoors with family and friends. You don’t need to go off to your local pub or try to find an outdoor venue to meet up when you have the perfect place to do it already – your garden!

Everyone likes to relax and whether you are looking to do this with friends or on your own there is no better place than in your own garden. Having a BBQ and entertaining friends should always be an option so we hope this article will give you some inspiration. Keep reading below to get some ideas of what would be best for your outdoor space.

As we have mentioned before in some of our other articles, rattan garden furniture is one of the most popular selections of garden furniture that you can buy. Durability, style, choice, and costs are all huge contributing factors to this. So, the only choice you have now is what furniture will you buy?

We have put together a top 5 garden furniture types for you to look over and hopefully help you decide what you want in your garden.


1, Rattan Dining furniture

Rattan dining furniture - round table

Entertaining with friends and family will almost certainly mean food and drinks. You may have decided to get the barbecue fired up for those juicy steaks or the Pizza over ready for those amazing sourdough pizzas. Either way you will need somewhere to sit and eat. What better place than a carefully selected Rattan Dining Set. 4 seater sets, 6 seater sets, 8 seater sets and even bigger sets are available so you shouldn’t have trouble accommodating everyone! Just make sure you don’t run out of steaks!

Take a bit of time and look over the styles of tables and chairs that you can have. There are lots of styles available from normal tables all the way up to firepit tables. See our other articles to help you choose the best table.

2, Rattan Corner Sofa Set

Every garden, no matter what size should always have seating. The big question is what kind of seating. Well, our preferred choice would have to be the corner rattan sofa sets. These just seem so versatile and great that we had to include them in our top 5 list of furniture choices.

Rattan corner sofa set

No matter what shape garden, or the size you will almost certainly be able to fit a corner sofa somewhere. Our range of small rattan corner sofas will give you a lot of options so have a good loot around and see what you can find.

3, Rattan Sun Loungers

If you are more of a horizontal person rather than a vertical then there isn’t really any choice but to get some rattan sun loungers. There is something about just lying in the sun, reading a book and enjoying the summer air that really appeals to a lot of people. Rattan loungers are not just for around a swimming pool, they can be used anywhere in any garden. Make sure you get more than 1, you may find yourself fighting to use it!

Woman relaxing in rattan sun loungers

4, Rattan Day Beds

Rattan day bed in grey

Ive always wanted one of these and finally got 1 last year! Can believe I waited so long. For those of you unsure about a sofa or a lounger, just get a rattan day bed and enjoy the best of both worlds. With all the modules pushed together this makes a very, very comfortable seat to relax in with the option of spreading out and relaxing. Take the modules away and you are back to a comfy sofa with lots of comfort still to give.

The added bonus of daybeds are that most will come complete with the canopy so relaxing knowing you wont get sun burnt is great. Highly recommended.

5, Rattan Bistro Sets

We have thrown this one in as a bit of a curve ball as its not really an entertaining style of furniture. A Rattan Bistro set is a very intimate and very close style of furniture meaning that you share a small table and just 2 chairs. This can be the perfect setting for a romantic evening in the garden together but there is another purpose to these sets.

Bistro sets are very much associated with cafes. You will very often see them outside a café offering a simple seating area for your coffee. One other very practical use is for people who have balconies or just very small courtyards on their houses. A small rattan bistro set can be the perfect way of fitting in an intimate seating area without needing a large furniture set which can be hard to accommodate sometimes.

Round rattan bistro set in brown
Blank - rattan garden furniture | patio furniture |conservatory furniture
Blank - rattan garden furniture | patio furniture |conservatory furniture
Blank - rattan garden furniture | patio furniture |conservatory furniture