Rattan Garden Sofas
Sitting around in the garden or just relaxing in your conservatory then a rattan sofa garden furniture set is what you are going to need to ensure that you do this in comfort. We have a great selection of both normal sofas and chairs as well as garden corner sofas. Most sets will come complete with a coffee table, after all you need somewhere for your drink while sitting around.
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2 Seater Sofa Sets

Small cosy 2 Seater Sofa sets
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4 Seater Sofa Sets

Entertain with our 4 Seater Sofa Sets
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3 Seater Sofa Sets

Relax with our 3 Seater Sofa sets
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Other Large Sofa Sets

Larger Sofas and full Sofa Sets with coffee table

Rattan Sofa Garden Furniture Set

Our range of outdoor rattan sofas come as modular pieces so the setup of your sofa can be very flexible. As with all our rattan furniture the soft comfy cushions are all included. Any of these luxurious sofa sets are great for outdoor dining and just sitting but the joy around rattan furniture is that it can be used anywhere.The structure and material of all rattan garden furniture lends itself to constant outdoor use all year round.

Any rattan garden sofa set can be used both indoors and outdoors. Dont just think of the sofa set as just garden furniture, it can very easily compliment any conservatory. As with all rattan garden furniture, accessories add to the overall affect. Shop for our accessories to really add the bling to your outdoor seating experience.

Choose the right Rattan Seating for your garden

The seating area of your garden should become the main focal point by being visually stunnung and comfortable. Our different sizes of sofa sets means that you can adapt your seating to your garden. For smaller garden a simple 2 seater rattan sofa option is available. For the more lavish gardens you can have larger combinations of sofa sets with coffee tables and other rattan furniture to accomodate more people.

All of our sofa sets come complete with cushions for extra comfort. Some sofas come complete with rattan footstools and also coffee tables for complete the outdoor comfort. Have a good look through our full range of rattan sofas and decide which would best suit your outdoor living area. Ensure you check out our full range of rattan garden furniture to really complete your outdoor area.

Protect your rattan furniture all year round with our protective covers

All rattan garden furniture is prone to being affected by the weather. Thats why its vital to ensure that at all times when the furniture is not in use, it is protected by the correct style of furniture protectors. All of our rattan protective covers and made to ensure that the provide full prtection through good and bad weather days.

Make sure to get your protective covers at the same time as your furniture!

How about considering a Rattan Corner Sofa and coffee table set for your garden seating?

Not sure which rattan furniture to choose? Have you considered a Rattan Corner Sofa for your garden??