2 seater rattan bistro set

Enhance your garden or patio with a stylish and comfortable rattan bistro set. This two-seater rattan bistro set includes a table and two chairs and is the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor patio. Garden bistro sets are often overlooked as they are seen as small and not very usable, but the opposite couldn't be more true. With the number of seats being only 2, these sets are perfect for the more intimate, personal people

Fire Pit Set – How to decide

One of the latest must-haves for your garden is a fire pit. These luxurious pieces of patio furniture are a must-have for extending your outdoor entertaining into the later evening. The gorgeous glow from the real flames flickering away is a great sight to see. Sitting around fire pits have many more advantages though, and we will take you through them now. What are the advantages of a fire pit set? As we are all

Don’t underestimate the Bistro Sets

It's true, most family homes come with much smaller gardens than they used to. Not everyone has acres of space to plan their garden furniture. So, keeping this in mind, we are going to focus a bit on the much-loved and often understated Rattan Bistro Set. A Rattan Bistro set typically comes with a small round table and 2 matching chairs. This is ideal for smaller spaces but also it can be very inviting and

Furniture and accessories for your patio or decking

Now that summer is trying to show its true temperatures, it’s time to start getting that outdoor space up to scratch again. Over the winter months, the outside areas of our houses don’t get the love they deserve, so now we need to start getting back outdoors and enjoying the space we have. When it comes to choosing outdoor rattan furniture and accessories, it can be tricky. Not knowing what styles match each other and

Aluminium Furniture vs Rattan Furniture

There are two main garden furniture materials on offer in the UK at the moment, Rattan Garden Furniture and Aluminium Garden Furniture. There are benefits to both so we thought that we would put together a quick reference guide to take you through the benefits, and disadvantages of both so that you have the information needed to help you decide when purchasing your garden furniture. Rattan Garden Furniture Rattan furniture for many years now has

Looking at the Rattan Sofa Set

With Spring just around the corner (hopefully) we are all going to start looking at getting outside again and with this comes the need for rattan garden furniture, inparticular the rattan sofa set. Rattan Outdoor Sofa Set The most popular choice to date has been the rattan sofa set. There are numerous styles, colours and layouts that you can now choose from. We have 2 seater rattan sofa sets, 3 seater rattan sofa sets, rattan

Rattan Cube Sets

There is one style of rattan furniture that we believe everyone should consider if they are choosing to buy a new garden furniture set, and that would be the rattan cube set. These are one of the best selling lines and are extremely favoured by most for many reasons. Like all other rattan furniture, rattan cube sets are available in many different sizes and setups. You could choose from a small 2 seater rattan cube

Hand Woven Rattan Garden Furniture

There are some distinct advantages to rattan garden furniture being handwoven. It all usually starts with the framework. For high-quality furniture like ours, the framework will always be aluminium. This allows for greater weather erosion protection and allows the frameworks to be easily moulded into the required shape without damaging the main structure of the furniture. The UK has a unique and somewhat damp climate meaning that even the most expensive outdoor rattan furniture cannot

Rattan Dining Chair Styles – Chose the right one.

It’s a question that gets asked to our team a lot and the responses are often that of surprise by our customers. Not many people are aware that there are different options available for their rattan dining chairs, but there are! Below we will guide you through the different options so that when you come to order, you know exactly what it is that you want! All of our rattan dining chairs have different styles

Benefits of an Outdoor Firepit

With everyone spending more and more time at home, the demand for outdoor firepits has grown dramatically. The range of outdoor firepits is also growing with more and more varieties now becoming available. The traditional low-level firepits are still available and always a good option. These are traditionally for wood burning but over the past couple of years, these have become more and more versatile with a lot now moving across to being gas rather

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