7 reason why Rattan Furniture is the best choice

For many years now rattan furniture has been the ‘go-to’ furniture of choice for many households. With current trends, this seems like it will continue for many years yet. We have put together a top list of reasons why we believe that rattan furniture has remained at the top of the list for so long.

Wicker furniture on terrace

1 - Weatherproof design and build

We are all aware of the weather in the UK. One day it’s super-hot, the next it’s an absolute washout with torrential rain, but still, we do whatever we can to get outside and enjoy whatever weather we get. Rattan furniture is most definitely up to that challenge as well. Buying high-quality rattan furniture will help you enjoy your furniture year after year so read our guide on ensuring you ask the right questions when buying your rattan garden furniture.

With a good quality rattan furniture set you will not need to worry about it getting damaged or broken during bad weather. High quality furniture will be resistant to rust and moisture will not build up and soak in to cause staining and mould residue. During the winter freeze the furniture will not be affected by the cold frosts, although we do suggest furniture is covered when not in use. Equally during the hot summer days, the rattan weave will not shrink or expand under the heat, nor will it be affected by the UV rays to cause discoloration like some wooden furniture sets. So far full marks for durability!

Brown 6 seater rattan dining table set

2 - Maintenance

This is the easy bit! Because rattan furniture is waterproof and stain resistant, all you need to do is give it a quick wipe down and away you go! Unlike other furniture sets, there is no wood to sand, to varnish to apply, no mould to remove. As with all rattan furniture we do advise buying some protective garden furniture covers to help protect your furniture. This just means that any falling leaves or bird droppings will be caught by the covers and not the furniture meaning when you want to use your furniture, its there ready to go as always!

3 - Beautiful Designs

The design of rattan furniture is something that is a bit unique. Its not a design that would look right in your living room, but in your garden its perfect! The modular options of some of the rattan sofa sets means that its easy to move things around or even buy some extra modules to easily expand when needed.

Blank - rattan garden furniture | patio furniture |conservatory furniture
Blank - rattan garden furniture | patio furniture |conservatory furniture
Blank - rattan garden furniture | patio furniture |conservatory furniture

There are new rattan tables being added to the ranges now. Some include a built in lazy susan, others have an ice bucket or an amazing firepit in the middle. The latest trend we are seeing is an increased demand for rattan riser tables. These are simply tables that you can raise up and down to different heights. Choose to have a coffee table for afternoon entertaining or a dining table for evening BBQ’s without buying 2 different tables! Amazing!

A lot of different pieces of furniture are now being made to match. This enables you to have your sofa, dining set, egg chairs, sun loungers and more all in the same colours and styles so everything matches as it should. Read our aricle here about the different coloured rattan furniture sets that you can get.

4 - Colour Choices

We have touched on colours in some of our other articles so for more details please read about Brown, Grey or Natural Rattan Garden Furniture? The long and short of it is that there are some amazing colour options available. These tend to stay around the natural garden colours, Brown, green, greys but there will be something suitable for any garden!

5 - Comfort

This goes without saying but rattan furniture is actually very comfortable. Choosing the right rattan furniture for what you need is important, and we have other articles to help you do this. Most rattan sets come complete with all the cushions so that you do not need to worry about extra expense to get comfy. Other sets may come with reclining chairs or simply have a footstool so you can put your feet up and relax.

Woman reading a book on patio with rattan table, chair and sofa

Sitting in your garden will become as comfortable and relaxing as sitting in your living room!

6 - Indoor and Outdoor usage

We have already written an article on how your garden rattan furniture could also be used indoors. The option of taking your furniture back into your conservatory for the winter months is a great option and one that many people choose to do. Either way your rattan garden furniture will look stylish and amazing and will always be comfortable. With the subtle tones and styles blending outdoors to indoors becomes easy.

Colorful pillows on rattan sofa in the conservatory with flowers, painted drapes and candles. Real photo
Elegant garden furniture on terrace of suburban home

7 - Cost Analysis

Whilst buying good quality rattan furniture is not always the cheapest option initially, it certainly pays for itself over the years. Yes, you could get a wooden table and chairs from your local DIY store cheaper, but next year you will be doing it again!

It is important to realise that your rattan furniture will last you for many many years. Most companies will offer a 10-year guarantee on their furniture so that speaks for itself. If they are confident that it will last for 10 years, then you should be too! This means you will not be replacing your furniture next summer. Instead, you will be relaxing whilst others do the frantic summer shop!

All the furniture we offer has been proven over the years to be strong, resilient, and durable against the weather. No better reason to get your garden setup so that indoor living outside can be enjoyable and comfortable anytime!

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