Benefits of Grey garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture has traditionally been available in 2 main colours, brown and black. Recently, a new colour has come to the market, starting to become one of the most popular choices. Grey rattan garden furniture is not one of the most popular choices for sofa sets, corner sofas, dining sets and many other garden furniture styles.

Grey garden furniture

Why is grey rattan garden furniture so popular?

Although grey garden furniture is relatively new to the market, it has been around for a while, just never really been the first choice for colour.

Now grey rattan garden furniture has become even more popular due to its versatility and ease with which it matches other accessories in your outdoor space. It is now considered one of the most stylish furniture colours and is the reason grey garden furniture is now the most popular choice.

Before grey rose to the top of the list in colour choices, black rattan garden furniture was the choice for most. Nowadays black rattan furniture has all but disappeared from the colour options.

Being a very neutral choice, grey rattan garden furniture is often available in many different subtle tones. These range from dark slate greys to very subtle off-white greys. All of these are perfect for accessorising with great coloured cushions, throws or soft cloth for simple décor.

Are rattan sofa sets available in grey?

The simple answer is yes! As grey is now the most popular choice for many pieces of garden furniture, you will find most sets are available in grey. Sofa sets, dining table and chairs, dining sets. All are available as a great choice for your grey rattan garden furniture.

Will my grey rattan garden furniture stay in style?

With grey garden furniture currently being the most popular colour, you can make your purchase knowing that for the foreseeable future, the furniture you choose is going to stay in style for as long as you keep the furniture.

With this certainty that grey will stay in style, if you choose to add other pieces of furniture in the coming years, you will be sure to find what you want in the same styles and colours you require.

Will my grey garden furniture be weatherproof?

If you follow our guides on choosing strong, robust furniture, then yes, your grey garden furniture will last. Choosing an aluminium frame and PE rattan will ensure that your chosen furniture will stand the test of time. Choosing PE rattan will ensure your furniture is UV protected, cold weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without cracking, going brittle, sagging, or any other weather damage.