Rattan Garden Dining Furniture
Summer time offers one the best opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and socialise with friends and family. All sounds very quick and easy to do, but with the right garden furniture it now becomes comfortable and proactical too. We all love the thought of dining outside but often lack the space or the setup to be able to host such a get together. We often wonder just how we could get a decent quality dining table and chairs into the garden. We also wonder just how we are going to be able to store such big, bulky tables withuot having to un-assemble them and put themin the garden shed. Well, there is a solution, and a simple one at that! Made from a sturdy powder coated aluminium or steel frames and interlaced with PE rattan, a beautiful, practical and luxurious rattan dining experience is very doable. Whether you are looking for a large round glass top table to a compact cube dining set, we can help and offer advice if needed.

Our full range of garden furniture products can be purchased for a small intimate gathering of close family to a large party with family, friends and neighbours all being catered for. Not only can you focus on the dining experience, but with our full range of garden furniture you can ensure that the party goes off with everyone comfortable and relaxed in every area of your garden.

Square Dining Sets

Simple, square and perfect formost gardens.
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Rectangle Dining Sets

Rectangle tables for an extended dinin experience
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8 Seater Dining Sets

8 Seater Dining Tables for serious entertainers
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4 Seater Dining Sets

4 Seater Dining Tables sets for any garden
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Round Dining Sets

Round table dining for sociable dining
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Sofa Dining Sets

Sofa Dining Tables for comfortable dining
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6 Seater Dining Sets

6 Seater Family Dining Tables for any garden
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2 Seater Dining Sets

2 Seater Bistro Dining Tables for any small garden
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Outdoor Rattan Garden Dining Furniture

Outdoor dining furniture is readily available in different colours, shapes and designs. Lets start with colours. Throughout most rattan designs there are 3 base colours. These are grey, brown and black. Most companies will be able to offer a full range of matching garden furniture in these basic colours. Once you start going to the high end outdoor living styles you will start to see other, more natural colours become available.

These will often be accompanied with luxury scatter cushions and accessories too. Once you have decided on the colour, its then down to the shape.

The shapes can give you lots and lots of different options and this can be an area where you need to think a bit more carefully and have your ideal vision and end goal for your outdoor living space in mind. Be bold and experiment.

  • Do you need a 6 or 8 seater round table set? – Very practical and sociable for larger gatherings
  • Do you go for the practical rectangle dining set? – Very versatile and easy to expand upon
  • Need something small and compact – well maybe its a cube dining set you need?
  • Do you want to possibly expand in the future – if so then rectangle dining sets are ideal as you can push them together to make long tables for many guests.
  • Is you dining table going to be part of your rattan corner sofa setup, again a rectangle table is best as a circle table with a square corner sofa causes problems.
  • Want something small? Get a rattan bistro set. Intimate and cosy just for the 2 of you.
How do i decide on my rattan garden furniture?

This can all seem a bit daunting but it really is down to the question of what you want to be doing in your garden? Dont be affraid to make a drawing and try the different shapes and setups before making your final decision. Your furniture will last a lifetime so make it look as good as possible!

The last real thing to consider is the style of your rattan garden furniture. This s mainly personal preference and doesnt really affect many other areas. With dining tables being the main focal point, there isnt much you can change here. At the end of the day, a table is a table!

Most companies will offers pre defined rattan dining sets that you buy, however there is always the option of buying individual items so that you can mix and match designs a little bit. Being able to change your chairs from a low back style to a high back is an important consideration for your rattan dining set. Do you want arms on the chairs? Again a consideration that shouldnt be overlooked.

Most garden dining chairs will come complete with seat cushions for extra comfort too. Some other small things to look at for your rattan dining experience are

  • Do you want a rattan lazy susan for your table?
  • Do you need a parasol hole for an umbrella?
  • Are you likely to expand your set? Check that extra seating is available to purchase seperately.
  • Do you want a glass top or just the normal rattan?
  • Is the rattan dining furniture already assembled? Free delivery maybe?
How do i look after my rattan furniture for the winter?

The one area that alot of people forget about is ‘What do i do with my rattan garden furniture during the winter?’ hmmmmm.

We have all enjoyed the hot summer sun with your luxurious rattan garden dining furniture. Weve all done outdoor dining most weekends and our nice new dining sets are now broken in well. But what do we do when the weather gets cold and the dining furniture is now redundant until next summer. The last thing you want to do is just leave t he furniture in the garden.

Although strong and robust, your rattan dining sets will get affected by the weather unless you protect them. Of course, the best scenario is to ensure you dining set is brought inside and kept dry and away from the winter frosts.

If you are able to its always best to stack your rattan dining sets in your shed or garage. Failing this option, you will, as a minimum need to get a protetive rattan dining cover. These covers will keep the rain off the garden furniture dining set. It will also ensure that the frost does not get directly onto the rattan or the metal framework.

This is extremely important to ensure you get the full life span from you rattan dining sets.

Rattan Dining Conclusion
Whichever way you look at it, rattan garden furniture is an excellent choice when it comes to outdoor dining sets. The overall versatility, practicality and general looks will always make it a great choice for all and his is what sets rattan apart from other furniture. Whether you want a small 2 seater bistro set or a full 8 seater party table, you should always consider rattan as your first choice of furniture. All of our rattan garden products are sold as part of a range. By doing it this way you are free to mix and match the different elements of rattan furniture. You can combine small rattan planters to match your rattan corner sofa that in turn matches your rattan garden dining set. bring in the colours and styles to give yourself an amazing looking garden that will also impress your guests!