Side view. Young lovely couple have romantic dinner outdoors together

Date night in the garden!

You shouldn’t need a good reason to arrange a romantic date night, but maybe the introduction of some new rattan garden furniture would make a good reason? There are some great ways that you can make that intimate night at home into something extra special. Maybe you have just received your new rattan corner sofa, or maybe it’s a new dining set that is just calling to be used. Well, we have some great ideas [...]
Rattan furniture on the porch

Furniture and accessories for your patio or decking

Now that summer is trying to show its true temperatures, it’s time to start getting that outdoor space up to scratch again. Over the winter months, the outside areas of our houses don’t get the love they deserve, so now we need to start getting back outdoors and enjoying the space we have. When it comes to choosing outdoor rattan furniture and accessories, it can be tricky. Not knowing what styles match each other and [...]
25% off rattan furniture

Queens Jubilee Sale

In celebration of true British honour, we are proud to be able to offer 25% off ALL products in our range from Rattan Direct. This will automatically be applied through the checkout process. This is a very exciting tome and we couldn't let this prestigious event pass without being able to offer the British public a way of celebrating and enjoying what will be a very very exciting weekend in British history. 6 Seater Rattan [...]
Terrace with garden furniture and typewriter

Which garden furniture style is best for me?

There are now so many different styles and brands of garden furniture that it can be hard to know which one is the best for your garden. Well, hopefully, we have some great information below to help you decide which will be your best choice. We are going to be looking at some great styles of garden furniture. Some might be a bit quirky, others just outright expensive, but at least we should be able [...]
Winter garden

Storing your garden furniture

It’s now the time of year when many of us will be going out to invest in some new garden furniture. The summer weather is almost upon us so our attention is now drawn to the garden and how we can entertain and enjoy the weather. The one thing we forget to think about is what we do with our furniture when winter arrives? Leaving your rattan furniture outside during the summer months unprotected is [...]
Over the shoulder view of womanat a drawing board, drawing with a fineliner, designing a garden.

Garden zones for entertaining

Not everyone has the luxury of acres of land where they can entertain their friends and family. Most of us will have a small and more than adequate garden for which we need to make the most of the space. You don’t need a massive amount of space to have fun and entertain. So we have put together some simple ideas on how you can maximise that space with ease. One of the ways that [...]
Luxurious and stylish courtyard with a garden umbrella

Choosing a Parasol

One of the main accessories for the garden during the summer is the garden parasol. A garden parasol has many functions from protecting you against the harmful UV rays of the sun to providing cool shade when the temperature starts to rise. There are numerous different types and styles of garden parasols no so we have put together a quick guide to hopefully help you decide which is best for your garden The main 3 [...]
Grey furniture in the garden of elegant home

Aluminium Furniture vs Rattan Furniture

There are two main garden furniture materials on offer in the UK at the moment, Rattan Garden Furniture and Aluminium Garden Furniture. There are benefits to both so we thought that we would put together a quick reference guide to take you through the benefits, and disadvantages of both so that you have the information needed to help you decide when purchasing your garden furniture. Rattan Garden Furniture Rattan furniture for many years now has [...]
A cute little girl relaxing on the chaise longue at green garden outside, home feeling

Ideas for setting the perfect outdoor mood

Your garden is not just a garden, it is an extension of your home and ultimately you. It’s a place where people see the opportunities for things that they might not necessarily want, or do in their homes, but in the garden it's perfect! We have put together a list of different rattan furniture types that will help set the mood for whatever you have in mind. With the right level of detail, there’s no [...]
Gig garden sofa with pillows

Looking at the Rattan Sofa Set

With Spring just around the corner (hopefully) we are all going to start looking at getting outside again and with this comes the need for rattan garden furniture, inparticular the rattan sofa set. Rattan Outdoor Sofa Set The most popular choice to date has been the rattan sofa set. There are numerous styles, colours and layouts that you can now choose from. We have 2 seater rattan sofa sets, 3 seater rattan sofa sets, rattan [...]

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