Some inspiration for your patio

Sometimes you look out over your garden and your patio and just wonder what could be. Could you have a nice summer house with a decking area so you can entertain? Wouldn’t it be nice just to have somewhere that you can relax and unwind with a glass of wine? Well, help is at hand. Below are some great tips to see about inspiring your next garden project to give you what you want!

When you start looking around and wondering what you can do you will come up with A LOT of ideas. Some you will love, some you will eventually hate. But once you start coming up with all these amazing ideas you may get a little lost and overwhelmed as to how and where to start.

Enjoying a cup of tea, a good book and the view while relaxing by the gas fire pit on the patio

The first thing we always recommend to do is find a focal point. Somewhere that you can put your main garden investment, usually rattam furniture, that you can then build around and accessorise the rest of the garden to match. How about a nice Firepit coffee table surrounded by a comfortable rattan sofa set to be your focal point? If you are into entertaining then you may prefer an 8 seater dining set to create that initial point to start your garden project. From here you can now start expanding on your ideas and building outwards to create your ideal garden or patio styles.

If you get your design right and you end up creating your ideal space then the likelihood is that you are going to be spending a significant amount of time using it. During the summer days, this will be perfect but once night comes you don’t want to have to go back inside just because it gets dark. Plan in some ambient lighting around your garden so that you can continue with your entertaining even after dark. A few string lights or candle lanterns around the garden can really create a beautiful calming and welcoming environment to spend more time with friends and family.

Spacious creative terrace with sofas

The next tip we are going to go over is what we consider to be one of the most important. A lot of times we see people planning their garden and looking to make it beautiful and welcoming but they forget 1 important detail. Your garden is merely an extension of your house. You should always try to make your garden feel as welcoming as your home. Think of it as an outdoor extension and not a completely separate area that must be kept separate. This is easier to achieve than you may think. Simply accessories can make all the difference. Why not add some outdoor art? Some mirrors? Accessorise your rattan seating area with some scatter cushions or some bean bags for the kids? Have you ever tried an outdoor rug to make your patio feel more homely! If not give it a go and you will be surprised by the difference these simple additions can make.

Our next tip is really simple, literally! Don’t overcomplicate things and don’t overthink your designs. Keep it simple. Less can sometimes be more, as the saying goes.

Your aim should be to create a family-friendly environment that is also functional. Somewhere to spend time together but not be uncomfortable after 30 minutes. If you are going to all of this effort to make your garden somewhere special then you want to be using it as much as possible. Keep in mind that the areas should be child-friendly if you have children. Keep enough room so that they can play and have fun. Ensure that there is sufficient room for everyone to sit and not be crammed in on top of each other.

Family at home in their garden - rattan dining set

Don’t overcomplicate things. Sometimes just a place to sit and relax is better than having the latest technology playing music and a TV on in the background that everyone is ignoring. Instead, maybe have some colourful plants and greenery to help enjoy the outdoor environment.

Sunny terrace in big garden

Overall, take time to understand your space and try to get a clear picture of what it is you are trying to achieve. Spend time walking around your garden and getting to know the shapes and the funny quirky areas it has. Go out at different times of the day and look to see where the sun sits for most of the day. You can then decide if you want your rattan furniture in a sunny spot or slightly sheltered in a cooler spot. Also, plants, where and what plants con you have in these different areas. Have a good measure of your garden too. This will help you choose your garden furniture.

You want any furniture to fit comfortably without overwhelming your space. It will also help you choose between a corner-style set or garden furniture set for the center of the patio.

Don’t think that you have to do everything at once. Get your starting point and do what you need to so that you can get out and enjoy your garden as soon as possible. Like your house, it may take time to get everything exactly how you want it to be.