Aluminium Furniture vs Rattan Furniture

There are two main garden furniture materials on offer in the UK at the moment, Rattan Garden Furniture and Aluminium Garden Furniture. There are benefits to both so we thought that we would put together a quick reference guide to take you through the benefits, and disadvantages of both so that you have the information needed to help you decide when purchasing your garden furniture.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture for many years now has been a furniture style that is chosen by many people. The look, colours and versatility of this furniture are great and can adapt to any garden style. Rattan furniture is based originally on the original wicker style furniture. Unfortunately with the climate being so damp for most of the year in the UK, it did mean that wicker furniture didn’t last as long. This is where the synthetic ‘Rattan Furniture’ came in.

Benefits of rattan furniture

As long as you ensure the furniture is made of high-quality HPDE rattan around an aluminium welded frame then you can’t go wrong. This will ensure that the rattan material itself will withstand the UK climate, both hot and cold and not be affected. The frame, being aluminium will not rust and stays strong but lightweight. This ensures the furniture can be left outside all year round.

Rattan furniture requires very little maintenance. Covering the furniture with a protective cover will keep debris or animal dropping off while a quick wipe around with a soapy cloth will keep everything look new. If your furniture does need a bit more of a thorough clean then a soft bristle brush can be used to help remove the dirt easily.

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Bought correctly, the rattan furniture should last for many years to come. This is usually backed up with a long warranty period, sometimes up to 10 years for the furniture. Peace of mind can be achieved with rattan furniture.

Disadvantages of Rattan Furniture

Unfortunately, rattan furniture can be expensive. Rattan furniture sets made of high-quality HPDE and aluminium frames will be the most expensive, but they will also last the longest meaning that you will not need to buy new furniture for many years.

Aluminium furniture is another good option for your garden and is another popular choice for many households. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of this furniture.

Advantages of Aluminium furniture

Aluminium is very sturdy and lightweight meaning the furniture can be moved very easily if needed as the sun moves around your garden.

As with rattan furniture, aluminium furniture is very robust and weatherproof. You will be able to leave this furniture outside all year round without any issues or worry of it failing come next summer.

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Aluminium furniture should always come ready assembled. This means that either the furniture has been cast as 1 piece during production or it has been welded properly. If you have to assemble it yourself then it probably means that you will be using steel bolts which will rust and potentially discolour the furniture.

Disadvantages of Aluminium furniture

Aluminium is a metal that will absorb heat very quickly and easily. If your furniture is left out in direct sunlight for a period of time then it will become very hot. This gives a risk of burning should you sit on it with bare skin or should you choose to pick up and move the furniture. Most furniture will come with cushions but this doesn’t always cover all of the frameworks.

Being a solid metal piece of furniture, aluminium will have its breaking pints. Continued stress or heavy weight in one area could weaken or snap the aluminium.

Aluminium is not naturally smooth and can pick up dirt and debris which can cause staining and discolouration. It’s always essential to look for furniture that has either been chemically treated to avoid this or furniture that has been painted or powder coated to give the required protection.

Both styles of furniture have their benefits and their downsides. We hope that this has given you a bit more information to help you decide when choosing your garden furniture.

As always, if you have any questions or would like some advice, please feel free to contact us directly.