Which garden furniture style is best for me?

There are now so many different styles and brands of garden furniture that it can be hard to know which one is the best for your garden. Well, hopefully, we have some great information below to help you decide which will be your best choice.

We are going to be looking at some great styles of garden furniture. Some might be a bit quirky, others just outright expensive, but at least we should be able to give you some help in deciding what is perfect for your garden, and wallet!

We will be looking at some fantastic plain and simple but very contemporary furniture selections. We will also be looking at stylish and affordable garden furniture while not forgetting the real high end, wish we could afford furniture. We can then drop back to some weird but usable furniture and then onto some of the old tried ad tested options that will work anywhere!

Iron pergola in a garden

So, let’s begin by looking at some contemporary furniture. Contemporary furniture tends to be very modern, clean-lined, sometimes plain furniture. This furniture is almost very minimalistic in design and offers very little in ornate features.

This style of furniture is not always the easiest to find as it can be marketed towards the high-end garden furniture ranges which are often very expensive.

Often rattan is not directly used for contemporary furniture as it does not give the clean crisp lines that people desire. Often you will have either moulded plastics or even aluminium to get the crisp lines required. With this material being used, the price is often a lot higher.

High-end furniture is considered for people with a larger garden area as well as a large budget. These pieces can range from £5000 up to some very high numbers. These pieces of furniture will be made from the best materials available and designed to last for many years. These are also considered the luxury style furniture range enjoyed by the rich and famous worldwide.

Modern garden with concrete gazebo and swimming pool

Modern Garden furniture is where things come back to normal for the rest of us. This style of furniture is available in many different materials and can fit into most garden styles very comfortably. Modern garden furniture is considered to be in line with the latest styles and designs along with some of the latest materials available. It would be expected that the material would be rip-resistant, stain resistant, UV resistant and fully fire-resistant.

Framework for modern furniture is usually either powder-coated steel or aluminium. Both materials give the structure strength and resilience needed to be used in everyday furniture.

Stylish garden furniture is purely down to whatever the trends are for that year. It could be up-cycled old wooden garden furniture that has been revamped with a coat of paint or it could be in line with some furniture that has been seen on the latest TV show. There have been several times in the past few years where products have been seen on game shows or TV programmes and within days they have been sold out. The last one like this was for the egg chairs, which are still very much in demand now too.

Weird and wonderful garden furniture is quite often seen in the shops and on websites, but do people really buy it? The simple answer is yes! This is because these pieces are seen as unique or when viewed by friends are seen to make a statement! They might be unusual colours or a mixture of colours. They may be an unusual shape or simply just fun!

These pieces can bring with them several problems too. Although they are fun and vibrant, the materials used may not be of a high standard. Check this when making your purchase. You may also find it hard to find other matching furniture so this should also be considered when purchasing.

If none of the above really get you excited, then it’s back to the tried and tested regular rattan garden furniture. This style of furniture has been around for many years, and no doubt will be around for many more. With rattan being weatherproof, it has made itself the main choice for most people in the UK.

Rattan furniture is available in hundreds of different designs and a mix of colours. There are numerous styles available to suit your budget as well as shapes that will fit into your final garden design.

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Rattan furniture has stood the test of time due to its durability and long life. This can be seen in the warranty period that is given to this style of furniture, sometimes up to 10 years.

Give some rattan furniture a try now and see just how much of a benefit it is to your garden space.