Rattan Loungers
The sun is shining bright, its 30 degrees and its a lazy weekend. Time to get the rattan sun loungers out, lay back, relax and enjoy the hot english summer days. Being able to comfortably lay down in your garden and relax is a wonderul experience. Let us help you achieve this with our great selection of comfortable rattan sun loungers.

Choosing your Rattan Loungers

There is no better way to chill out in your garden than being flat out on your comfy rattan lounger. Most loungers are available in several different colours, styles and with different functionality. Lets start with the colours.

As with all rattan furniture that we offer, you are able to get your loungers in grey, brown and black. all our style will match other ranges of furniture that we offer so you can always be sure that you can expand on your current rattan garden furniture selection.

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Basic Style Rattan Loungers

There are seveal different styles of rattan sun loungers available and this is something that should be considered when you purchase. You can have the basic style lounger which is just a flat lounger with a cushion, pretty much like an outside lounger bed. These have no other functionality or options for sitting up.


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Traditional Style Rattan Sun Loungers – Box Style

The next style of lounger is the more traditional style where you can adjust the back to allow you sit more upright in your lounger. These offer a better level of comfort by allowing you to sit up and read or just continue enjoying the sun! Some of these loungers offer additional storage under the seating area which can be very useful.


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Traditional Style Rattan Sun Loungers – With Legs

Similar to the traditional style lounger above, these loungers are on legs which can be more useful for uneven ground. These offer the same functionality but the storage wont be available due to the design of the main body. You will find that alot of these style loungers will have armrests for extra comfort.


Wicker rattan curved sun lounger - dark brown

Chair Style Sun Loungers

Another style of sun lounger is the steel framed chair lounger that still allows you to lay back and relax but allows you to have a more of a seated position rather than a laying down style. These can be great for entertaining as they are still very sociable but extremely comfy!


Dont forget your rattan furniture protective covers!

As with all rattn garden furniture, dont forget your protective covers for your sun loungers. These will always extend the lofe of your furniture by protecting it from the natural elements. We offer a great range of covers that will protect all your garden furniture.

Rattan Sun Lounger Conclusion
Have a think about what kind of relaxing you want to do in your garden, this will ultimately help you choose the best sun lounger. If you are looking for that laid back style while quietly reading a book then a lounger with an adjustable back is probably the one to choose. If you are topping up your tan while laying beside the pool then you'll definately want to be lying down fully for this so the basic style rattan sun lounger will be perfect. Either way, there are different syles for you to choose from ensuring that you get the perfect relaxing lounger for your garden,