Choosing a Parasol

One of the main accessories for the garden during the summer is the garden parasol. A garden parasol has many functions from protecting you against the harmful UV rays of the sun to providing cool shade when the temperature starts to rise. There are numerous different types and styles of garden parasols no so we have put together a quick guide to hopefully help you decide which is best for your garden The main 3

Aluminium Furniture vs Rattan Furniture

There are two main garden furniture materials on offer in the UK at the moment, Rattan Garden Furniture and Aluminium Garden Furniture. There are benefits to both so we thought that we would put together a quick reference guide to take you through the benefits, and disadvantages of both so that you have the information needed to help you decide when purchasing your garden furniture. Rattan Garden Furniture Rattan furniture for many years now has

Ideas for setting the perfect outdoor mood

Your garden is not just a garden, it is an extension of your home and ultimately you. It’s a place where people see the opportunities for things that they might not necessarily want, or do in their homes, but in the garden it's perfect! We have put together a list of different rattan furniture types that will help set the mood for whatever you have in mind. With the right level of detail, there’s no

Looking at the Rattan Sofa Set

With Spring just around the corner (hopefully) we are all going to start looking at getting outside again and with this comes the need for rattan garden furniture, inparticular the rattan sofa set. Rattan Outdoor Sofa Set The most popular choice to date has been the rattan sofa set. There are numerous styles, colours and layouts that you can now choose from. We have 2 seater rattan sofa sets, 3 seater rattan sofa sets, rattan

Pre Order your Rattan Furniture

Now Is the best time to pre-order any rattan garden furniture that you will be needing for next year. You may be thinking ‘But it’s Christmas time, why order now?’, well, there are several reasons, and we will explain them all below. Now that summer is over and the cold wet weather has set in. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your rattan garden furniture. But if you are sensible,

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Garden Furniture

At some point that time will come again when you need to go out and choose some new garden furniture. There are now plenty of styles and designs, as well as materials and colours to choose from. This in turn can cause mistakes to be made when ordering your rattan furniture. Below are a few mistakes that hopefully, after reading this article you won't be making. The top of the list for mistakes is measuring.

Rattan Cube Sets

There is one style of rattan furniture that we believe everyone should consider if they are choosing to buy a new garden furniture set, and that would be the rattan cube set. These are one of the best selling lines and are extremely favoured by most for many reasons. Like all other rattan furniture, rattan cube sets are available in many different sizes and setups. You could choose from a small 2 seater rattan cube

Some Inspiration for your Garden Patio

Sometimes you look out over your garden and your patio and just wonder what could be. Could you have a nice summer house with a decking area so you can entertain? Wouldn’t it be nice just to have somewhere that you can relax and unwind with a glass of wine? Well, help is at hand. Below are some great tips to see about inspiring your next garden project to give you what you want! When

Hand Woven Rattan Garden Furniture

There are some distinct advantages to rattan garden furniture being handwoven. It all usually starts with the framework. For high-quality furniture like ours, the framework will always be aluminium. This allows for greater weather erosion protection and allows the frameworks to be easily moulded into the required shape without damaging the main structure of the furniture. The UK has a unique and somewhat damp climate meaning that even the most expensive outdoor rattan furniture cannot

Rattan Dining Chair Styles – Chose the right one.

It’s a question that gets asked to our team a lot and the responses are often that of surprise by our customers. Not many people are aware that there are different options available for their rattan dining chairs, but there are! Below we will guide you through the different options so that when you come to order, you know exactly what it is that you want! All of our rattan dining chairs have different styles

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