Ideas for setting the perfect outdoor mood

Your garden is not just a garden, it is an extension of your home and ultimately you. It’s a place where people see the opportunities for things that they might not necessarily want, or do in their homes, but in the garden it’s perfect!

We have put together a list of different rattan furniture types that will help set the mood for whatever you have in mind. With the right level of detail, there’s no reason your outdoor space cant be perfect!

Dining sets create happy moods

Creating a happy mood can be achieved with a rattan dining set. The fun times that can be shared, formally or informally around a dining table are priceless. With the flow of drinks and good food, everyone starts to feel relaxed and happy to be there enjoying their entertainment.

With the ability to buy large tables and more chairs, you can expand on your rattan garden furniture choice so it perfectly suits your requirements.

Patio dining table
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Firing up the BBQ and enjoying the fresh smell of food sizzling away while your knockback another cold beer on a sunny day is just perfect! All the fun and enjoyment is shared around your rattan dining set.

Calming mood with a firepit

A family relaxing around a fire table in outdoor seating area under pergola with lights at sunset

Whether inside or outside, there is something very calming about the flicker of a real flame. This is where a beautiful garden firepit can add that element of a natural calming atmosphere.

The warming heat and the crackle of wood burning can be a perfect way to chill out and provide some relaxing ambience to your garden.

There are now many different fire pits to choose from. You could opt for the natural wood-burning style to give that ‘real fire’ experience. These often come made from steel and you can get them in several different shapes and styles. You could opt for a chimney style design that would look neat in a corner area or go for a large ‘pan’ style that would be below a coffee table.

The other choice is the propane style gas fire pits. These are often made as part of your rattan furniture choice. They can be built in very easily to a coffee table or dining table and provide the heat and flickering flame-like a natural fire. Being gas it is a lot easier to control and ensure you have things exactly how you want them!

Peaceful time with a sun lounger

If you need your garden to be that place that is peaceful, tranquil and easy to unwind in, then we would strongly suggest a rattan sun lounger. Sun loungers are very personal and create space for just 1 person. Depending on the design you purchase, you can lay down, unwind and relax in peace without any disturbance.

Don’t forget to take yourself a good book and a glass of cold wine so that you can properly get away from the daily grind of life. If you have purchased a fabric sun lounger or some cushions then don’t worry about getting sun cream, or even a wine spillage on them, they will wash very easily.

Rattan chaise lounge
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Bar sets for that noisy party evening

Nothing says ‘Party’ more so than walking out into your garden and seeing a bar table and bar stools set up with drinks and snacks. The opportunity to let your hair down while you sit around your rattan bar table drinking with friends.

Happy multiracial friends toasting beer at barbecue garden party

Bar sets provide a very social style setting and encourage all different things to happen. Some good, some bad but you can be sure t always have a good time! Get the BBQ going as well and the evening will be remembered for a very long time to come! The best way to bring the pub to your back garden!

Corner Sofas for chilled out family time

Having relaxing family time outside in the garden is very important. Getting some fresh air as well as catching the sun for a bit will naturally make people feel relaxed and happier. A corner rattan sofa is a great way to encourage this. Taking the family outside with a few drinks and snacks is a great way to unwind and just spend some time talking.

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Rattan corner sofa sets are expandable to whatever size you require. Their modular setup is ideal to help provide more seating and space to relax. If you have the space then you could look at setting up an outdoor TV or projector and spending some evenings outdoors enjoying a movie night together under the stars!

Wicker furniture on terrace

As with all of the suggestions above, it’s very important to look at other accessories for your garden that will add to the desired mood. Lighting is by far the easiest to do. This may range from spotlights to really giving a bright cheerful garden or something a bit more subtle to help with a relaxing evening.

Another great option is a water feature. The sound of running water has always been something associated with relaxation and being calm. Setting up a nice fountain for your garden could really help change the mood completely.

For people who are looking for excitement then a beer or wine cooler may be an option along with some kind of sound system to really get the party going!

As always, if there is anything you need help with please email us and we will do our best to help in any way that we can.