Rattan Dining Chair Styles – Chose the right one.

It’s a question that gets asked to our team a lot and the responses are often that of surprise by our customers. Not many people are aware that there are different options available for their rattan dining chairs, but there are! Below we will guide you through the different options so that when you come to order, you know exactly what it is that you want!

All of our rattan dining chairs have different styles which will suit different preferences around the dining table. You may want to recline and relax while you dine or simply feel supported and upright. The guide below takes you through the details behind each chair option.

As we are well aware from some of our previous articles, rattan is by far 1 of the best suited, and comfortable styles of outdoor garden furniture and its popularity are growing rapidly. You also have the flexibility of colours, styles and as with all of our rattan furniture, you don’t need to worry about it rotting! All our furniture is fully weatherproof.

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Before we get into the individual options, it’s worth noting that there are 2 main areas to look for when choosing your rattan dining chair. These are frame material and also rattan material. Get these 2 correct and your furniture will last for a long time.

For the frames, it’s important to ensure that they are made from aluminium. By having an aluminium frame it means that they cannot rust. It also means that they are lightweight and very durable.

For the material, you should always be looking for the highest spec, HPDE, or PE rattan. This type of synthetic rattan will ensure that your furniture stays in perfect condition for a very long time. With its high durability and UV protection, it is more than up to the job of withstanding the British weather.

So, with the basics covered, what kind of rattan dining chair would you prefer?

Let’s start with the standard dining chairs. These are normally readily available in most colours and are the basic style of rattan dining chair. They would normally have lower backrests and be rigid in design. These are also normally associated with space-saving sets as they can be stored easily.

Traditional Rattan Dining Chairs

This style of chair comes with more supportive high backs to keep your posture correct. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your dining experience rather than trying to get comfortable or suffering from constant backache. These chairs will also come with very comfortable and weatherproof cushions on both the seat and the seatback. Comfort is important and with these chairs, it’s not compromised.

Lounge Rattan Dining Chairs

The Lounge dining chairs are very similar to the Traditional rattan dining chairs except these are less formal and are normally lower to the ground. This gives a much more casual dining experience are somewhat suitable for gatherings around a coffee table with snacks and drinks rather than a dining table, although they can be used with dining tables too. These chairs come with a more sloping back rather than the traditional upright style.

These chairs are perfect for a more casual dining experience.

Reclining Rattan Dining Chairs

Still not sure? Well, our selection of rattan reclining dining chairs might just get your attention. These chairs can offer the best of both worlds by having a high supportive back but allowing you to lounge around when reclined. The chairs usually have a hydraulic style lifter that allows you to recline at any angle until you are relaxed and comfortable.
These chairs are ideal for an all-night dining experience. During your meal, you can keep the chairs in their upright position. Once the mean has finished you can simply recline back and relax while you finish the evening with that extra bottle of wine that you had chilling.

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How to choose your chairs?

Well, this is something that only you can answer. Do you want a formal dining experience on all occasions? If so then the traditional upright chairs will be your best option.

Do you want to give your guests a great dining experience but then sit around for the rest of the evening relaxing and chatting late into the evening? If so, then the reclining chairs would probably be best for this.

If you just want to have some relaxed seating in your garden, without the formal dining table then the lounge chairs, being lower and more casual will best suit your requirements.

Have a good think about your garden and your style of entertaining. Then get your rattan dining chairs, sit back, relax and enjoy your experience your way!