Brown, Grey or Natural coloured Rattan Furniture?

When it comes to rattan furniture, there are normally only 4 colours available for you to choose from. We have asked many of our suppliers why this is and we have not rally had any solid answers back, but most say that for gardens, the standard colours are: Brown, Grey, Cream, Natural To be quite honest, this does make sense. After all, who would want a bright purple rattan garden sofa? (Apart from my daughter!)

Rattan Furniture – Plastic or Natural?

This is a question we get asked all of the time and the simple answer is, both! So I think we need to explain a bit more about this to clarify. Rattan furniture is a unique style of furniture, mainly meant for outdoor use and has been a very popular style for many many many years. Its close weave combined with durability has seen it withstand many years od use and harsh weathers to ensure

Outdoor and indoor Rattan Furniture

When summer finally decides that it is going to end and those dark nights starts coming in quickly, most people will think that it's time to cover up the furniture and wait for next year. Well, we may be able to get you thinking differently about that! Your rattan furniture is stylish, unique to your property and also very comfortable so don’t just think about covering it up because you cant use it outside. Re-think

Things to consider when buying Rattan Furniture

When it comes to buying rattan garden furniture, either online or in a shop, the process can seem daunting and maybe even overwhelming. Who knew that there were so many options to choose from but what about all the other options that you cant see! In a minute we are going to take you on a quick ‘What to look for’ guide through buying rattan furniture. Initially when you look to buy rattan furniture you

How to choose your rattan dining set?

When you look around your garden you will probably have some or all of the items listed below: Garden Shed BBQ Washing Line Flower Border Old Mismatched chairs? For most, we quite often put up with what we have in the garden, especially when it comes to the garden furniture. We underestimate the impact that some well-chosen rattan garden furniture can actually have on the garden. The main area we are going to focus on

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