Rattan Cube Sets

There is one style of rattan furniture that we believe everyone should consider if they are choosing to buy a new garden furniture set, and that would be the rattan cube set. These are one of the best selling lines and are extremely favoured by most for many reasons.

Like all other rattan furniture, rattan cube sets are available in many different sizes and setups. You could choose from a small 2 seater rattan cube set right up to a large 8 seater for entertaining your family and friends. No matter what size you choose, the same features below apply to all sets. So let’s go through some of those great features that you’ll get if you choose a rattan cube set.

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The main reason that rattan cube sets are so popular is due to their excellent design that allows space-saving, no matter what size set you choose to buy. Each rattan cube set will come with a table that is designed to accommodate all of the chairs underneath. This unique design keeps all of the furniture in a footprint that is no larger than the table itself.

Each rattan chair comes complete with a set of cushions for comfort. On most sets, you simply fold down the backrest and slide the chair under the table. This forms a full cube style structure, hence the name ‘Rattan Cube Set’. With no extra room needed on your patio for the storage of chairs, this really does save space and time.

Most rattan cube sets will also come with an additional footstool per chair. This allows for added comfort by putting your feet up after that summer evening feast. Or, used simply as a stool, it means your 6 seater table just became a 12 seater table, without the need for buying additional furniture. Each rattan footstool can comfortably be used for seating when needed. These stools are hidden away below each chair, again utilising the natural space on the furniture design.

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This style of rattan furniture is the most versatile of anything we currently offer. Ideal for any entertaining event, the rattan cube set offers extremely comfortable seating, ease of storage for all of the rattan chairs and rattan footstools. By utilising the footstools for extra seating you can double your initial seating capacity without spending any extra cash.

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There are some other practical elements to consider on this too. With the very compact design of the rattan cube set, it does mean that any space needed in the garden for storage is greatly reduced. The safety aspect also means that you don’t have chars stacked up or simply tucked away somewhere where they could be tripped over, especially when you are playing with your children in the garden.

As with all rattan garden furniture, we highly recommend that you purchase a protective cover for your rattan cube set. This not only helps keep it clean but also stops any damage happening while the rattan furniture is not being used. This brings us to our last benefit of the rattan cube set. Because of its great cube design, it means a simple protective cover can be applied easily and quickly when needed. You won’t need to worry about having to stack the chairs up, or even having separate protective covers for each chair.

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The rattan cube set is a win-win for any garden. As always, if you have any questions or if you want any advice on what to buy then simply get in contact with us and we will do our best to guide you and answer your questions quickly.