Fire Pit Set – How to decide

One of the latest must-haves for your garden is a fire pit. These luxurious pieces of patio furniture are a must-have for extending your outdoor entertaining into the later evening. The gorgeous glow from the real flames flickering away is a great sight to see. Sitting around fire pits have many more advantages though, and we will take you through them now.

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What are the advantages of a fire pit set?

As we are all aware, garden furniture sets are now even more popular than ever. More and more of us are wanting to spend time in our own gardens with friends and family. But why is a fire pits so important?

Extends the evenings with your patio furniture

We all love to be entertaining outdoors through the summer but most of us will plan to be outside while the sun continues to shine.

With the natural warmth from the flames as well as the mesmerising flicker of the flames, you can extend your day, into the later evening and enjoy more time outdoors with your friends and family.

Create a cosy outdoor atmosphere

Whether it’s a cosy night outdoors with your partner or entertaining friends and family into the early hours, fire pits will give the focal point. With the smoke-free flames from gas firepits, you can enjoy the warmth and light from your firepit table for hours.

There are many benefits to utilising gas firepits, including no smells, no smoke and the ease of controlling the flame or turning it off completely when it’s finally time for bed.

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Cooking on your firepit tables

One other great advantage of fire pit sets is that with some, you can purchase a griddle plate and be able to cook your food right over the firepit itself. This can also be a great focal point for everyone as each person can cook what they want, how they want and when they want.

Overall the benefits of casual dining sets with gas firepit tables are that they give you complete control over heat as you can turn it on and off at any time. The added ambience it gives from the natural flames along with the ability to cook your own food makes it a must-have.

Are propane fire pit tables worth it?

Although the initial outlay of these fire pit tables are more than most garden furniture sets, the benefits usually out weigh the costs. Have a good shop around and see what options you can get on your garden furniture.

The costs will also vary depending on the size and shape of the dining sets themselves. From personal experience, having a firepit table gives us more benefits that we believe we have lost.

Can you leave a gas fire pits outside?

For most, the answer is yes but this will depend on the manufacturer of your garden furniture. You should always follow their guidelines and suggestions. Ensure that the fire pit sets you buy are of a high standard.

The structure of the garden furniture sets should ideally be an aluminium frame to avoid rusting. Any burners for the fire pits should be of high quality too. Some styles allow for the burners to be removed and stored separately.

As with all garden furniture sets, it is suggested that a cover is used to help preserve your garden furniture and protect it all year round.

What are good chairs for around a firepit?

All of the casual dining sets we offer come complete with chairs. These range from standard-style dining chairs to comfortable full reclining chairs. Most rattan dining sets will come as a pre-determined set of tables and chairs.

Can you leave rattan outside all year?

This will be determined by the manufacturer of your garden furniture and also by the quality of the furniture that you purchased. Normally, if the furniture is of a high standard then you can leave this out all year round.

What is the best height for a firepit table?

Due to the mechanics of a firepit table, most will be set at a fixed height. The table height will be set at the correct height for dining. There are a few manufacturers that have an adjustable height table, usually with 2 heights for coffee table style and also dining table.

What is the difference between a fire pit and a fire table?

A Firepit is used for purely burning. There will be no place for any food drinks etc. A firepit table is a normal table with a firepit added in the middle, allowing you to still dine in style!