Don’t underestimate the Bistro Sets

It’s true, most family homes come with much smaller gardens than they used to. Not everyone has acres of space to plan their garden furniture. So, keeping this in mind, we are going to focus a bit on the much-loved and often understated Rattan Bistro Set.

A Rattan Bistro set typically comes with a small round table and 2 matching chairs. This is ideal for smaller spaces but also it can be very inviting and intimate if needed. It offers a perfect option for that quick cuppa with a friend or a morning coffee whilst reading the paper. The rattan bistro set is also perfect for that intimate evening candle-lit dinner, sat outside under the evening stars with your loved one.

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There is another huge advantage with the rattan bistro set. For people who have just a small courtyard or maybe just a balcony, these are ideal. They are perfectly sized to be able to sit outside on your balcony, offering you a comfortable sitting area where you can relax and take in the outdoors. With most rattan bistro sets, you are able to leave them out all year round. Ensure you check that the bistro set is weatherproof, UV resistant, and rustproof. This way you will be able to enjoy your furniture all year round, although in the winter you may want your scarf and fluffy hat!

Rattan bistro sets are normally available in all of the traditional colours, Brown, Grey, and Black. Each of these styles will suit any area but we tend to see that grey rattan bistro sets look good in courtyards and balconies whereas the black or brown rattan bistro sets are often best suited to garden areas and terraces. The choice is yours completely though as we are confident our furniture can look good anywhere!

Blond woman sitting in a wicker chair in a garden.

Even if your garden is not small and you have lots of garden space, there may be the opportunity for a rattan bistro set to put into a secluded corner or a secret garden area. Somewhere that you can disappear to and just enjoy some quiet space away from the stresses of the world.

Even though rattan bistro sets are normally small, we always suggest measuring up and ensuring that they will fit in your desired location. Check out our other articles to ensure you ask the right questions when looking to buy your new rattan furniture.