Benefits of an Outdoor Firepit

With everyone spending more and more time at home, the demand for outdoor firepits has grown dramatically. The range of outdoor firepits is also growing with more and more varieties now becoming available. The traditional low-level firepits are still available and always a good option. These are traditionally for wood burning but over the past couple of years, these have become more and more versatile with a lot now moving across to being gas rather than wood burning.

The firepit has become almost an expected part of any garden setup now. More and more coffee tables and also dining tables are coming available with inbuilt gas powered firepits. We have put together a list of why you should be getting a ratan dining set with a fire pit dining table.

We all love sitting outside during the summer but as it moves into autumn the nights start getting darker and the temperatures begin to drop. Well, having a rattan firepit dining table can help with this. As soon as you start feeling the chill then fire up the gas firepit and not only will you have a warming evening glow around your dining experience, you will also have some natural heat that will mean your evening dining sessions can go on for longer.

Toasting drinks by fire pit.

The heat that is generated from the gas firepits are very hot and will keep you and your guests warm for hours. The natural light that will be added to your garden will be more than enough to mean you won’t need additional lighting unless you really need it. With the added bonus of not using electricity, it means your bills will not be affected either.

Gas firepits have a big advantage over the more traditional wood or coal-burning firepits. With gas as your fuel, you are in complete control over how your firepit burns. If it’s getting a bit cold then, turn it up. Starting to sweat? Turn it down. Have all your guests gone home and you are going for the night, easy, simply turn it off! No need to wait for the log to burn out or go and get the hosepipe out to ensure the fire is really out. This leaves you in complete control over the heat, light and most of all safety from your Rattan firepit.

Kids sitting around a patio fire pit with flames roasting s’mores.

A lot of people like the natural outdoor dining experience but aren’t able to accommodate this all year round. With a rattan fire pit table, you can do this, if you choose. Being able to sit outside in the evening, enjoy your supper with a glass of wine while the evening slowly drifts away is ideal. Much better than sitting in a conservatory.

Have a good browse around and see what great offers we have on rattan firepit tables. They really are excellent for all year round outdoor dining!