Rattan Conservatory Furniture

Most people believe that rattan furniture is designed purely for outdoor use as garden furniture. Well, although this is the primary function of the furniture, there is no reason why it isn't just as amazing in a conservatory. The relaxed and functional workings of rattan furniture means that it can work just as well indoors as it does outdoors. Add some amazing accessories like some scatter cushions, a coffee table, or side table to your conservatory and your rattan suite will look like it was made to be there!

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What is conservatory furniture made from?

More traditionally, rattan conservatory furniture is made from a natural material, wicker. Wicker furniture is made from natural products and not man ade PE rattan that most furniture is now made of. This does not detract from the styles and furniture in any way. In fact, it adds yet another desirable side to rattan garden furniture. One that is highly sought after and traditionally associated with indoor use. As with all of our furniture sets, these handcrafted pieces of furniture are of exquisite quality. Boasting some beautiful colours as well as a natural feel when used. All furniture comes with matching cushions to ensure comfort is always there. Some sofa sets also come with a matching coffee table made in the same materials. We also offer some amazing dining tables and conservatory chairs that are always welcoming for a conservatory.

Which style of Conservatory furniture should i choose?

Rattan furniture or wicker furniture conservatory suite will mostly consist of some kind of sofa. If this is what you are looking for then we have a great selection for you to choose from. There are 2 main types of sofa.

  • Corner Style Conservatory Sofas
  • Standard Style Conservatory Sofas and Chairs

Both of these styles come with their unique advantages. We will guide you through some of these here to hopefully make your choice easier.

Pros and cons of a Corner Conservatory Sofa Set

Pros of a Wicker Corner Sofa:-

The main benefits of corner sofa rattan suites is the space saving it can offer. By being a fully usable corner sofa it can add that extra seating space that would normally be lost when having a standard sofa and chair. Although it may seem tight when someone is sat in the corner, it helps bring people together by not having that difinitive edge. It can also help with being sociable. As with a round dining table, it can help conversation flow.

Cons of a corner Sofa:-

One of the main areas where a corner sofa conservatory suite has problems is that it is not as flexible with room shapes and spaces. By design, a corner sofa is a right angle. There is no floxibility around this otherwise your guests will fall though the gaps. If your room isnt square, or you room is small then i can be more difficult to find a good place for the corner sofa.

Pros and Cons of a standard Conservatory Sofa Set

Pros of a Standard Conservatory Sofa and Chair Set:-

A standard sofa being a 2, or 3 seater style helps with arranging the layout in your room. With the main sofa being a rectangle shape it makes them alot more flexible with the shape of your room. You are able to have them on an angle knowing you dont have to have any other furniture along side. Having the chair seperate enables this to be place danywhere in the room and isnt tied to the location of the main sofa.

Cons of a Standard Conservatory Sofa and Chair Set:-

Most sofas and chairs are designed to seat only a certain amount of people. There is no option of ‘scooching’ alomg to make room for more. Also seperate chairs and Sofas sometimes require more space.

Accessorize your furniture

Accessories are one of the most important part when finishing off any room or furniture arrangement. Some of our sofa rattan suites, both corner and traditional style come with a matching coffee table. These will mostly have a tempered glass top with either a shelf or drawer underneath. A coffee table will always be a great accessory for a sofa set but don’t forget things like a side table or lamp table. These are extremely useful and make a great addition to any rattan conservatory furniture. Remember that rattan furniture doesn’t just mean garden furniture. Also, check out the dining sets which are available too.