Lets get a Rattan Sofa Set!

There is no denying the fact that spending time outside during the summer is what we all want to do, and with a rattan sofa set you can do just that! Lapping up the very few days of sunshine that the UK gets is a must for most people. Being able to do this is often down to time but sometimes is just a case of not having anywhere to sit!

No excuses anymore! The Rattan Sofa Set now brings the comfort and style of your living room and transfers it out into your garden! The only other decision you need to make is do you want a standard sofa set, or a corner rattan sofa set? Lets see if we can help you decide.

Rattan sofa set on terrace

Most rattan sofa sets will come in 2 distinctive styles. The standard 2 or 3 seater sofa with 2 matching armchairs. This gives the best flexibility for placement and space usage. The other option is the standard left or right-handed corner sofa. The rattan corner sofas are usually modular meaning that they can be re-arranged, or they can be extended easily should you wish to accommodate more people. All our sofa sets, be it standard or corner design will come with a matching coffee table and cushions to make your outdoor seating comfortable and relaxing.

Let’s start looking at the standard rattan sofa set. These by design, will come as a 2/3-seater main sofa with either high or low backs and armrests. Most sets will also come with 2 single seater armchairs in the same style and design, again with matching cushions. Scatter cushions can always be added to give that more welcoming feeling. With the lightweight aluminium framework of most rattan sofas, this allows the furniture to be easily positioned wherever needed.

The Rattan corner sofa will normally come with all areas of the sofa being usable for seating. Some corner sofas will utilise the corner area itself as a table or storage. 1 big advantage for the corner sofas is that you can very easily lay down and spread out a bit while reading your favourite book. As with the standard sofa you will need to decide between a high or low back style. All corner sets come complete with cushions, so comfort won’t be a problem.

Outdoor lounge area.

Its always good to decide if you want a high or low back as this will affect your comfort. If you really want somewhere where you can spend hours just relaxing, then we would suggest a high back style sofa. If its for casual entertaining and catchups, then sometimes a low back style is better. This is more personal preference than anything else so don’t get too hung up on this.

How do I maintain my rattan sofa set?

Outdoor rattan furniture cover - small round dining table

If you are buying 1 of our rattan sofa sets, and we most certainly hope you are, then maintenance shouldn’t be high on your worry list. All our sets are designed and built using the most durable materials to ensure that the wet winter cold weather, or the hot summer UV rays will not be a concern. Utilising the latest high-grade rattan and building the frames with aluminium ensures that your rattan sofa set will stand the test of time. It is always recommended to use a protective cover, in both summer and winter to keep any dirt off the sofas. By doing this it means that whenever the sofas are needed, they are pristine and ready to use straight away.

The cushions that are supplied with every sofa set are also of the highest quality and very durable. If for any reason these do get food or drink on them then they can simply be washed in a normal washing machine. Each cushion cover will have the optimum washing details on them so follow these instructions and hang them out to dry for fresh smelling sofa cushions.