Common questions about rattan furniture

Not everyone is an expert on Rattan Furniture so if you are looking to get some amazing rattan furniture for your garden this year then keep reading. We have put together some of the most common questions that we get asked, almost daily! So let’s get some questions answered…

How do I check the furniture is of good quality?

There are many manufacturers of rattan furniture and there are always a few things to check to ensure you are getting a top-quality piece of furniture. If you can check all of the points below, then you are buying a top-quality piece of rattan furniture

  • The material should be PE Synthetic rattan with full UV protection
  • The framework for all the furniture should be made from aluminum and be powder coated
  • The framework should be welded and not bolted together

The 1 area to look at is the assembly of the furniture. Stay away from flat pack rattan furniture that needs assembling where possible. This means that the framework will not be fully welded and will also probably be made of steel, which can rust. It also means that there is a possibility of the bolts coming undone and falling apart or even rusting and causing stain marks on your furniture.

These 3 simple checks above should be all you need to put your mind at rest.

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Is Rattan furniture waterproof?

Yes, most rattan furniture will be waterproof! As long as you have ticked all of the 3 items from the list above then your rattan garden furniture will be fully waterproof. The PE rattan material is very strong and robust so will be able to withstand rain or spillages easily.

If you haven’t ticked all 3 items above then the likely hood is that your rattan furniture, although in the short term may be waterproof, will not have the life span as expected. If the framework is steel then there is the risk of rusting if water penetrates the paintwork. These rust marks are often extremely difficult o remove not only from your furniture but also from your patio slabs or decking.

Can the cushions be left outside?

This will depend on the material that the cushions are made from. Some rattan furniture sets come complete with weatherproof cushions that will be happily left outside for a shower or 2. Others come with normal style cushions which should not be left out in wet weather.

Even with the weatherproof cushion material, we always suggest storing them away when not in use. Water can sometimes sit on these cushions and cause staining or ring marks as it dries which will be hard to remove. Simply putting them away will ensure that they stay safe, clean, and ready for your next party night!

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Why is synthetic rattan used?

Synthetic rattan is used on outdoor furniture mainly because of the ever-changing British weather. As we all know during the summer it’s amazing and hot. During the winter it’s continuously wet and cold. If real rattan material were used it would get damp, discolour and simply rot after a couple of seasons. Not what you want to happen when you have found the perfect furniture set for your outdoor space.

You will find real rattan furniture available for indoor use, ideally, conservatories, where the furniture gives you the outdoor feel but with the indoor protection from the weather. If this is your choice then check out our range of conservatory rattan furniture.

Check out our other article on Plastic or Natural Rattan for more details.

Is the furniture made from PE, PU, or PVC material?

As a rule, we only ever offer furniture made from PE material. As we mentioned earlier in the article this is the best material for making rattan furniture. It is strong, robust, UV resistant and overall the best material there is for the job! Anything less than this and you are getting into the unknown for lifespan and durability of your rattan furniture.

Does Rattan furniture require yearly aftercare?

Rattan furniture is almost free of any maintenance requirements. Unlike other outdoor furniture, there is no jet washing needed. You don’t need to stain or oil it every year. There is no paint that needs a new coat for the season. It’s pretty much perfect for most environments. Rattan furniture is designed to be left outside all year round. We do suggest buying a protective cover for your furniture for the winter. Although not really needed it helps to keep any falling leaves off the furniture as well as any birds that may decide to set up target practice with it if you know what I mean?! Apart from this, your rattan furniture simply needs a wipe down every now and then with a damp cloth and you are ready to go!

How will my furniture be delivered?

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All of our rattan garden furniture ticks the requirements at the start of this article so our furniture will be delivered to you fully assembled and ready to use. Although this does mean that it will be a larger pallet delivery service or a 2 man delivery service, depending on the furniture ordered, it means that the furniture is light enough to be moved easily and safely to its desired location.

Do you offer any credit facilities?

Yes, we do. We are fully aware that investing in a large rattan garden furniture set is not cheap and not something that you do every weekend. So we do have some flexible payment options for you. These will be available through the checkout process or simply call and we will be able to discuss this with you.

What warranty do you offer?

As standard, there is a 7-year warranty on all products for the structure of the furniture. This covers and weave that may break or any framework that may break under normal use. This offers full peace of mind when investing in your new rattan garden furniture.

We hope that we have covered most of the common questions asked about rattan furniture. There are obviously a lot more that we get asked but we have done our best to put the most popular ones here and hopefully answered them fully.