Using Rattan Furniture in your garden

Using Rattan Furniture in your garden

Planning your garden with rattan furniture

When designing a garden, incorporating rattan furniture can provide the perfect finishing touch. Rattan furniture is both stylish and durable, making it an ideal choice for outdoor spaces. Additionally, the range of styles available means there is something to suit every garden design. To help you get the most out of your rattan pieces, here is some top advice on incorporating rattan furniture into a garden design.

For a garden that is flooded with colour and vibrancy, coloured rattan furniture provides a unique way to bring life to the outdoor space. Different coloured pieces can be combined to create a bright and bold look or a more subtle style can be achieved through matching or contrasting whites and neutrals. Depending on the size and shape of the garden, larger pieces of furniture are ideal for providing a focal point, such as chairs, tables, and even daybeds and hanging chairs. For smaller gardens, a mixture of small seating items can be used to maximise the space and create a comfortable seating area.

When deciding where to position rattan furniture, it’s important to think about the overall aesthetic of the garden design. For a traditional, rustic look, wooden benches are a great choice for creating a welcoming atmosphere. Alternatively, for a more modern feel, armless chairs or chaise lounges are great options as they allow for greater flexibility when positioning in different areas.

Cushions are a great way to add extra comfort to rattan furniture and bring bright, vibrant colours to the garden. Additionally, cushions provide a great way to tie together colours from different pieces of furniture, allowing them to blend in with the rest of the garden design. Cushions also come in a range of shapes and sizes, meaning they can easily be incorporated into different areas of the garden.

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Finally, weather-resistant covers are essential for protecting rattan furniture and prolonging its life. Covers come in a range of styles and sizes, making it easy to find something to suit the size and shape of the furniture. Furthermore, covers provide an effective way to keep rattan furniture looking good and allow for easy transportation.

Incorporating rattan furniture into a garden design is an excellent way to add elegance and style to an outdoor space. By carefully considering the positioning of furniture, choosing vibrant cushions, and using weather-resistant covers, your rattan furniture will look great all year round. So pick out the pieces that are perfect for your garden design and enjoy your rattan furniture for years to come.