Date night in the garden!

You shouldn’t need a good reason to arrange a romantic date night, but maybe the introduction of some new rattan garden furniture would make a good reason? There are some great ways that you can make that intimate night at home into something extra special.

Maybe you have just received your new rattan corner sofa, or maybe it’s a new dining set that is just calling to be used. Well, we have some great ideas to help you set up and enjoy the perfect date night at home.

With our suggestions below, you can set up a nice romantic evening alone. Forget about all of the hustle and bustle of a restaurant, all the hassle of finding somewhere to park. Put all of your efforts into creating something cosy and intimate at home.

Enjoying a glass of wine and pint of beer next to a fire pit on date night.

The first thing to think about is, what’s the weather like at the moment? If it’s the middle of winter and -5 degrees outside, then you may be better off using the dining room. However, if it’s summer and fairly warm, them time to get moving. It’s worth thinking about the option of a patio heater or if you have 1, a fire pit. This will guarantee that you don’t get too cold in the evening. There’s nothing worse than shivering while you eat a romantic meal. And what could be more romantic than enjoying a wine or 2 in front of a flickering flame firepit with a nice warm real fire to snuggle up in front too?

Now that you have ensured the evening won’t be cut short due to you getting cold, it’s time to think about what you are going to cook, and how? Are you going to get the BBQ out and cook it? Are you going to get a takeaway? How about using the oven? All of these have their benefits and drawbacks.

Slaving over a BBQ to cook dinner is great but ensure you don’t spend too much time tending to the BBQ instead of your date. This could be an early night for all the wrong reasons!

Getting a takeaway is great and easy as you don’t have to do anything, but it also shows that you didn’t put that extra bit of effort in and go the extra mile to do something personal.

Using the oven in the kitchen is a great option, just ensure you don’t burn the food or spend too long inside making sure everything is ok. It’s also not a good excuse to run in and check the footy scores either!

So, you have your beautiful rattan garden furniture all in place, you have the heating taken care of, so you don’t get cold, and you have the food planned. Now you need to ensure the garden is set up to be relaxing and chilled out. We have a few ideas for you around this.

Sounds are a great way to promote relaxation. The sound of a fire on a fire pit is amazing and something that you can listen to for hours. But if you have a gas fire pit then you may miss out on this natural sound.

Adding a water feature is another great way to help promote a relaxing environment. The sound of running water is very soothing and with some nice ambient light, a small water feature in your garden be a great addition. Most water features now have built-in lights, even remote-controlled to help in creating a great atmosphere around you.

Trendy furniture, lights, lanterns and candles in the garden at night

You could arrange for some background music to help keep the evening relaxed. Having a slow romantic playlist playing is a great way to keep the atmosphere chilled out as well as your date.

Your garden can be used in so many ways, it’s just down to your imagination. Having a great selection of garden furniture is the best way to help you enjoy this. A romantic date night or a family BBQ is always better when the furniture is comfortable and suitable. We hope that our great range of rattan garden furniture will help you make your garden amazing!

As always, if there is anything we can do to help, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to find you the rattan furniture you want.