Monaco Rectangular Right As You Sit Rattan Garden Sofa


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Features: Covers are highly weatherproof Lightweight design helps movement Very simple to clean  Showerproof covers included free of charge  Dimensions (cms): Monaco Rectangular Piece – Width: 140 Depth: 77 Height: 64 Warranty: 7-Year Structural Warrranty Lightweight Rattan Sofa Guaranteed with your purchase of this set is an immediate and unique sense of style that is often not found elsewhere on the market. Thanks to the set’s uniquely hand-woven rattan weave design this piece boasts a great deal of practicality as well as undeniable style. Due to this set’s contemporary design with a traditional look, this piece is sure to blend in with any previous furnishings, whether they be more contemporary or traditional in flavour.   A Unique yet Easy to Maintain Look This set is guaranteed to continue looking just as fresh and unique as it has since day one even years after your purchase. One of the factors which will guarantee this is the set’s UV resistant resin weave that is used throughout manufacturing this set. This will stop the sun’s harmful UV rays from bleaching the set over a period of time if the piece is exposed to it, this will, therefore, stop the lush colours of the set from fading over time.   Our Guarantee With your purchase of this also comes a 7-year structural warranty included for free. This structural warranty is sure to resolve any possible problems or issues that could arise within the first five years of purchase. These issues will be considered, reviewed and resolved within a short amount of time, thus ensuring that your enjoyment of the set is not disrupted for too long and therefore letting you get back to relaxing in the summer sun.


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