Sierra Patio Cover 3×4.25M in White & Clear


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SIERRA PATIO COVER IN WHITE Sierra patio covers are perfect covers for your outdoor space, to protect you from the elements when you dine al fresco. The beauty of the Sierra range is the flexibility depending on your needs. Attach the multi-purpose structure to a wall and cover sun loungers, dining furniture and more. With the adjustable height and width, this modular piece is ideal for families who love entertaining. WHAT’S INCLUDED 1x Sierra Patio Cover in White ROOF PROTECTION FOR AL FRESCO DINING This Sierra patio cover in white is a simplistic add a roof above your outdoor furniture. Enjoy family get-togethers and dine outdoors without worrying about the weather ruining your experience. This roof structure will protect your from the elements and allow you to lounge or dine in a luxury setting, without a fuss.   FLEXIBLE DESIGN The Sierra structure is designed to last, with a high-impact and shatterproof roof the polycarbonate panels won’t break. The panels are also UV protected so they won’t discolour or become brittle when exposed to direct sunlight. The metal pieces within this set are also protected with a powder coating that prevents them from rusting when wet. The poles included are incredibly flexible, allowing you to fix the cover to a variety of doorway heights. Guttering is also included with this piece to allow for water drainage. This set isn’t just made to last, it’s also super easy to erect. We recommend to people assemble the cover due to its weight and size. With pre-drilled holes and pre-cut panels, you just have to follow the simple instruction manual for this to be up in no time, the sliding roof panels also make this quick and easy DIY. You will need a solid surface and wall support in order to keep this set standing.


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