ShieldCover for Small Square Side Table


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Features: 1x Outdoor Shield Cover for Square Side Table. Water resistant cover prevents outdoor furniture from deteriorating. Breathable fabric to reduce condensation and prevent your set from gathering mould. Advanced fabric allows moisture vapor to escape. Solution dyed cover won€™t fade due to the high colour fastness. Protects against dirt and rain. Durable and lightweight polyester. Drawstring and stoppers ensure the cover is tightly fitted. Suitable to be used in all-weather types. Frost resistant technology. Protects your furniture from fading. Bag included for handy storage . Outdoor Shield Cover. Don€™t worry about any potential damages when the summer months come to an end, with our Shield Covers for the square side table. The cover is water-resistant and is guaranteed to add more years to your furniture. The covers are breathable, so there will be no build-up of mould if you€™re leaving the covers on over the winter months. The cover comes in any easy to store ziplock bag. The drawstring and stoppers mean that your cover can fit tightly around the table, to guarantee protection.


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