Rattan Garden Vase Set in Black & White – Orlando


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Rattan Garden Dining Table and Dining Chairs. Perfect for eating outdoors on your Rattan Garden Table and chairs Luxury Rattan Garden Outdoor Patio Furniture, lower prices than White Stores & Moda Furnishings but better quality Features: A lightweight design that makes movement easy. Aluminium framing designed to add sturdiness. Showerproof covers included with no extra charge. Arrives fully assembled Dimensions (cms): Orlando chair: Width 75, Depth 75, Height 77. Side table: Width 75, Depth 75, Height 117 . Warranty: 7-Year Structural Warranty . A Unique Design. The design of this set is extremely unique. Its curved nature means that it fits into the smallest spaces. Along with this undeniable sense of style also comes a great deal of practicality as this set can be used in a number of ways in a number of occasions.. Low Effort Required. Very little effort is required to maintain this set and keep it looking just as fresh and as good-looking as it has since day one. This is due to the set€™s high-quality resin weave that acts as a barrier between the set€™s lush colours and the sun€™s harmful UV rays. Luckily the weave has both UV resistant and anti-fade properties, thus being able to keep the set€™s rich looking colour for years to come despite its exposure to the sun.. A Deal Not to be Missed. The certain sense of style and sophistication this set brings should not be easily missed as it is rare to get such a high-quality set for the low price anywhere else on the market. To ensure that this purchase is worthwhile and that your enjoyment of the set is not abruptly cut short we offer you a 7-year structural warranty with your purchase which aims to seek out and resolve any issues you may have with the set within the first seven years of use..


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