Rattan Corner Sofa Sets
Looking for a Rattan Corner Sofa Set? We have plenty of choice to help you bring your living room into your garden. Relax and socialise inluxury and style while you enjoy the summer weather from the comfort of your garden. Imagine a hot summers day. Clear blue skies, temperature perfect for outdoor relaxation. Your outdoor furniture is the key to getting this right and it all starts with a rattan furniture sets. There is nothing more pleasurable than spending time relaxing and unwinding in the luxury of your own space. Coming home from work and spending the evening outside, sat on your rattan garden corner sofa, your cold drink ready on the table. It makes sense to enjoy the summer outside. All of our rattan corner sofas come compelte with full cushion sets. We can help you get your outside space setup and ready for those hot sunny days and give you the modern seating to be able to enjoy your space.

For your main piece of garden furniture we would highly recommend a corner sofa. The versatility of a rattan corner sofa means that you can keep the sofa small, compact and practical. You can use all of the modules to create a full sweeping seating area or keep it small and compact if you want a more intimate setting.

Small Rattan Corner Sofa

If you live in a smaller property of want something compact and simple then our small rattan sofas an a great choice without taking over your garden space. These are ideal for a small family or couple that need somewhere to sit outside and relax. If in the future you need to expand your seating; you have the option of buying the additional individual pieces to expand you seating arrangement upto what ever is needed. All our comfortable sofas come with a full set of cushions, free delivery, and very little assembly needed.

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4 Piece Corner Sofa Sets

Utilise space with our smaller corner sofa
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5 Piece Corner Sofa Sets

Pleanty of room for all the family on these amazing outdoor seating sets
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Medium Rattan Sofa

Need that little bit more space for the whole family? Its a good choice to go for a 6 or 7 piece corner set. This allows for a good seating space aswell as some much needed table space. These medium size sofa sets are good for seating between 5-8 people. They often come with movable sections of the sofa to allow for the ease of more people sitting.

These sets are often large enough that they can accompany a dining table with ease. On some of our rattan furniture, the foot stools can easily be used as an extra seating stool when needed.

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6 Piece Corner Sofa Sets

Spread out, relax knowing everyone can get comfy
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7 Piece Corner Sofa Sets

Bring the whole family round for a great night outside
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Large Rattan Sofa Sets

If you are a keen entertainer then going for a larger style outdoor sofa is a must. The extra space to seat 10-12 people will give you the opportunity to entertain freinds and family all night long without guests wandering around looking for somewhere to sit. These comfortable seating sets will come with extra foot stools and cushions which can double up as seating stools aswell as extra modules and cushion sets to extend the normal seating area.

If you are still looking for more space then browse our ‘Extra Module’ section where you can buy individual pieces of matching garden furniture to expand your corner seating set even further. These extra modules are all available in the same style with matching back and seat cushions.

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8 Piece Corner Sofa Sets

Family, freinds, room for everyone on these seating sets
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Extra Individual Pieses

Expand your sofa sets with these individual pieces
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