Nevada Patio Heater in Silver


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Features: Automatic safety shut-off device. Fuel: Butane gas. Frame is made from stainless steel. Assembly is required. 5-10m2 heating area. Reliable electronic ignition lighter. For outdoor use only Dimensions (cms): Height: 222 . A Unique Design. Our Nevada Patio Heater in Silver is sure to bring an atmospheric touch to a garden space. Turn up the heat with the electronic ignition lighter which ensures that the heater is lit adding a warm touch to a garden. The heater uses butane gas, which is a very reliable form of fuel that has very little risk attached to its use. This set is made from stainless steel framing that helps to reduce rust build-up over a long duration of time, thus making the set a lot more durable over a much longer period of time.. Convenient and Safe. Whilst you should still be careful when using this heater, you can rest easy knowing that it is still extremely safe. For instance, there is an automatic safety shut-off device that will make sure that if the heater overheats the device will immediately shut off, halting any possible issues before they happen.. A Great Purchase. This purchase is a truly great one. It extends the amount of time that you can relax outside, since cold will no longer be an issue among you and your guests. With this purchase also comes a 5-year structural warranty. This warranty covers any unlikely structural errors with the heater. If it isn€™t right for you, you can return it within 14 days with no questions asked..


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