Monaco Rectangular Right As You Sit Rattan Garden Sofa in Brown – Monaco


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Features: Free outdoor cover available for free Covers are weatherproof Lightweight design allows for free movement  The whole set is easy to clean  14 day returns policy  Arrives fully assembled Dimensions (cms): Width 140, Depth 77, Height 64 Warranty: 7-Year Structural Warranty   Unique Modular Piece From its hand-woven and unique design to its very practical use as a sofa, this piece will please all in the coming summer months. The unique design is hard to capture in any other type of set as these designs have been specifically made by our in-house teams to create a truly remarkable product.   Always Looking Fresh There are numerous factors that ensure that this set will always look as fresh as it has since day one. One of which is the high-quality resin weave that the set has been manufactured from. This resin weave has UV resistant properties that act as barriers between the set’s lush colours and the sun’s harmful UV rays. This ensures that the set will not bleach and lose colour over time. The cushion covers can also be machine washed for your convenience.   7-Year Guarantee With any purchase of this set a 7-year structural guarantee is issued. This structural warranty is sure to resolve any issues or problems that could arise within the first seven years of purchase. These issues will be reviewed and resolved, ensuring that your enjoyment of the sofa is not hindered or disrupted for too long, thus letting you get back to that all-important relaxation in the hot summer heat.  


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