Market Parasol in Brown


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Dimensions (cms): Parasol Canopy Width: 300 Height: 280   Durable Cream Parasol This chocolate and cream parasol has a very durable structure with 8 sturdy, polished aluminium ribs that help secure the parasol and ensure that it maintains its strength over time. Along with the durable nature of the parasol it also retains its stylish and contemporary style, therefore adding that element of sophistication and elegance to your garden. This parasol is usually displayed with our other rattan dining set pieces which all go together to create a unique and elegant garden dining experience.   The Advantages of This Parasol The very nature of this parasol’s design has ease and accessibility well in mind. This parasol has easy to use settings such as a smooth crank system and a multi-function tilt system that allow the owner to have complete control over their desired parasol settings. The simple yet effective locking mechanism will save your ideal parasol settings for your next use. This will save you a great amount of time and hassle the next time you use the well-designed parasol, therefore ensuring that you have the simplest yet worthwhile outdoor dining experience.   Simple to Maintain Due to the cream parasol’s simple and refined design it is extremely easy for any owner to maintain the stylish and contemporary look of the parasol. For example, the canopy can be easily removed and machine washed therefore allowing for easy and minimal maintenance. This ensures that the parasol looks as elegant and sophisticated as ever, adding that sense of style and finesse to your outdoor social experience without sacrificing the sturdiness or longevity of the parasol itself.  


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