6 Rattan Garden Chairs & Small Rectangular Dining Table Set in Brown – Roma



6 seat rattan garden dining set with table and rattan chairs. Luxurious rattan set to enjoy al fresco dining in your garden. Rattan Garden Dining Table and Dining Chairs. Perfect for eating outdoors on your Rattan Garden Table and chairs Luxury Rattan Garden Outdoor Patio Furniture, lower prices than White Stores & Moda Furnishings but better quality Features: Black with vanilla cushions with set. Outdoor cover is free with purchase. A little assembly needed Dimensions (cms): Stacking chairs: Width 55, Depth 57, Height 85. Table: Width 140, Depth 90, Height 72 . An Intimate yet Stylish Piece. This set evokes a great deal of style and sophistication that is distinctive of this type of set, that being a rattan weave set. This rattan weave design has been refined by our in-house teams to give the set an overall distinctive and unique look and feel to it, making the piece feel right at home in your household/ garden. With this unique style also comes a great deal of practicality as the smaller table allows everyone around it to converse clearly amongst one another, not letting anyone be left out of conversation, a common problem with larger social gatherings. Simple Upkeep. Keeping this set looking as stylish and as unique as ever is extremely easy due to a number of factors. One such factor is the high-quality resin weave used in the set. This weave has UV resistant properties that act as a barrier between harmful UV rays from the sun that intend to bleach the lush colours of the set and the set itself. Similarly, the powder coated aluminium framing of the set is extremely sturdy and helps to stop rust build-up over long periods of time, thus keeping the set as strong as ever. Warranty Included. This set has a great deal of longevity as it cannot be easily broken down or deteriorated over time, as previously mentioned. To ensure this, we have included a 7-year structural warranty that aims to resolve any issues that you may have with the set within the first five years of use..


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